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Saturday, November 10, 2012

"Gathering Flowers" By ~ Luke Fildes ~ 1843 - 1927.

Fildes is well-known for the coronation portraits of King Edward VII, painted in 1902, and of King George V painted a decade later. The bombast of these magnificent images, however, is not representative of his manner as a whole, and the sensitivity of the present portrait is far more typical. Fildes came late to painting, and his earliest work is as a graphic illustrator in a pre-Raphaelite manner that appealed to John Everett Millais, and led the later to recommend Fildes as an illustrator for Charles Dickens's last novel Edwin Drood. When Fildes took up painting in the 1870s it was in a vein of Dickensian realism much to the taste of the contemporary public, and one of his first public essays, the large canvas of Applicants for Admission to a Casual Ward (Royal Holloway College) was rapturously received in 1874. Four years later Fildes was elected ARA and in 1887 was made a member of the Royal Academy.

Friday, November 9, 2012

"Lovers Embracing By The Moon", By ~ Marcus Stone ~ 1840 - 1921.

Lovers Embracing By The Moon ~ Marcus Stone.
Historical genre painter and illustrator. Son and pupil of Frank Stone (ARA, 1800-1859). Exhibited at the Royal Academy from 1858 and elsewhere. Became an Associate of the Royal Academy (ARA) in 1876, and a full member (RA) in 1886. Mainly painted genre scenes set in the 18th century or Empire costume. The themes are usually dramatic, sentimental, or sometimes humorous. RA titles: 'Rejected', 'The First Love Letter', 'A Stolen Kiss', etc. 'Il y a Toujours un Autre' (RA 1882) ('There is always another') was bought by the Chantrey Bequest for £800. In his own day Stone's pictures were much admired and fetched high prices. He illustrated Our Mutual Friend for Dickens and worked for Cornhill Magazine. Works by him are in many English museums.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

"Grace Rose", By Anthony Frederick Augustus Sandys ~ 1832 - 1904.

The son of a painter, Sandys was educated at the Norwich School of Design. He began his career as a portrait painter and antiquarian illustrator, exhibiting at the Norwich Art Union even as a boy. He moved to London in 1851 and worked as a draughtsman for wood engravers.

"Gathering Spring Flowers" By ~ Henry John Yeend King ~ 1855 - 1924.

Gathering Spring Flowers.
Henry John Yeend King
(1855 - 1924)

Henry John Yeend King was an important Victorian genre and landscape artist.  He was born in London on August 21, 1855 and began his education as a choirboy at the Temple Church.  One of the artist’s earliest recollections was of being locked in the building one afternoon after practice: “I had to spend the night in a cabin built of pew cushions, while my father was inquiring at every hospital in London.  After three weeks’ rest with a bad cold, on going back to my choral duties I was summoned to an interview with a Bencher, who, after regaling me with cake and wine, presented me with five shillings for having been a ‘good boy,’ and ‘for not having thrown my boots through one of the stained-glass windows.’ The idea of doing such a thing had never occurred to me.”

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

"La Meditation", By ~ Anatole Vely ~ 1838 - 1882.

The genre painter and portrait painter Anatole Vély (1838-1882)was born in Ronsoy (Somme). He studied at the Académie de Valenciennes and then under Émile Signol at the École des Beaux-Arts, Paris. Vély exhibited at the Salon de Paris from 1866 to 1880.

Monday, November 5, 2012

"Ann Boleyn In "The Towers" By Edouard Cibot ~ 1799 - 1877.

François Barthélemy Michel Édouard Cibot (1799–1877) was a French historical and landscape painter born in Paris. His masters were Guérin and Picot. During the first part of his career he devoted himself to historical painting, producing many sacred works, several specimens of which are to be seen in the churches of Paris. His most important work of this kind is the series of paintings representing 'Charity,' in the church of St. Leu at Paris. About 1863 he applied himself to landscape painting.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

"Summer" By ~ Rene Guerin ~1862 - 1895 ~ Summer.

René Guerin is a painter's painter. (Vero Beach Magazine, 2009)

René is an American oil painter specializing in contemporary Florida landscapes and figurative work. She also makes sculpture.

René's extensive exhibition history includes both solo and group shows at museums and galleries in Florida and Georgia. Her work is in many private and public collections. For a list of selected exhibitions and a bibliography, please visit her Resumé page.