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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Portrait,"The Laurel Wreath" By ~ Frederick Sandys ~ 1829 - 1904.

Frederick Sandys was one of the finest draughtsmen of the Victorian period. Until his very last days he was drawing almost entirely in chalk in his Victorian house on Hogarth Road. His family became the principle subjects of his work during these years and his youngest daughter Gertrude was the sitter for The Laurel Wreath.

Portrait Dame Mit Hut (Lady With Hat) By ~ Anton Einsle. ~ 1801 - 1871.

Anton Einsle (1801 Vienna - 1871 ibidem) was a very significant Austrian portrait painter of the 19th century. At the age of 13 he began studying at the Vienna Academy and painted his first works on commission at 16. His first portraits in oil and miniatures are known to appear in 1827. His works were represented at all great exhibitions in Vienna from 1830 on. Einsle worked in Prague and Budapest for a few years. He soon became a favourite portrait painter of high aristocracy and royals and was an official portraitist of Kaiser Franz Josef I. Works by Einsle are represented in many museums in Austria and abroad.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

"Ballerina". By ~ Herbert James Draper ~ 1854 - 1920.

Herbert James Draper

Herbert James Draper - best known for his dramatic and romantic paintings of sweeping mythological and literary subjects. He was a painter of beautiful, romantic subjects and considered a latter pre-raphaelite style artist. His work displays a keen sense of drama and color, with subjects or entire art works depicted in a singular, closely related color . Although almost reaching a point of being monochromatic, Draper's color style is clearly defined and brings about a dream like feeling. The painting Lament for Icarus is a primary example of Draper's color use.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

"Grazieuse", By ~ Angelo Asti ~ 1807 -1903.

Angelo Asti (1807-1903) was a well-known French artist who specialized in portraits of beautiful women.
Some consider him the father of the pin-up art as his work was widely used in calendars and postcards.
Unlike Stieler whose portraits were very classical, Asti's are of Art Nouveau style. 

"Colour Thy Soul", By Armand Point ~ 1860 - 1932.

Point began his career as a realist, painting scenes set in North Africa. After a trip to Italy in 1893, he became enamored of the works of the Italian artists of the 14th and 15th centuries and adopted their styles as well as their medium of tempera painting. Point became associated with the symbolist movement in the 1890s and worked with Joséphin Péledan (1858-1918), the high priest of the Rosicrucian brotherhood. Members of this group sought to bring art closer to the ideals of Catholicism through the use of mysticism, legend, allegory, and dreams.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Porcelain Portrait,By Freeman

"The Courtship", By ~ Theodore Levigne ~ 1848 - 1912.

Théodore Levigne was born in 1848 in Noirétable, dying in Lyons in 1912. He was a painter of portraits, genre scenes, seascapes and landscapes with figures. His landscapes, which are often set in winter, depict in half tones the damp and misty waterways around Lyons, where he settled, although he also painted seascapes of the sun-drenched Mediterranean coast. In 1998, the Atrium in Tassin-La-Demi-Lune presented a retrospective of his work.

Monday, October 22, 2012

"Innocence" BY ~ William Bouguereau ~ 1825 - 1905.

"William Bouguereau is unquestionably one of history's greatest artistic geniuses. Yet in the past century, his reputation and unparalleled accomplishments have undergone a libelous, dishonest, relentless and systematic assault of immense proportions. His name was stricken from most history texts and when included it was only to blindly, degrade and disparage him and his work. Yet, as we shall see, it was he who single handedly opened the French academies to women, and it was he who was arguably the greatest painter of the human figure in all of art history. His figures come to life like no previous artist has ever before or ever since achieved. He wasn't just the best ever at painting human anatomy, more importantly he captured the tender and subtlest nuances of personality and mood. Bouguereau caught the very souls and spirits of his subjects much like Rembrandt. Rembrandt is said to have captured the soul of age. Bouguereau captured the soul of youth.

"Girl With Flute" ~ Porcelain Plaque ~ 1900's.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Letter, By ~ Vladislav Chahursky ~ 1850 - 1911.

Vladislav Chahursky (Polish Władysław Czachórski; race. September 25, 1850 (18,500,925) Lublin - the mind. January 13, 1911 Munich) - Polish painter of the academic direction.
B. Chahursky studied painting in Warsaw at classroom risunkovom Rafał Hadzevicha later - in Dresden (1868) and Munich (1869-1873). In 1874-1877 years he makes a trip to France and Italy. Since 1879 he has been living in Munich, where he works as a professor of painting in the local Academy of Arts.
The theme for his paintings of the artist chose the genre scenes, wrote as portraits and still lifes, paintings on the works of William Shakespeare. Was under the creative influence of Dutch painters, especially G. Terborch. Special well-known artist brought his female portraits made with the utmost attention to detail. The works of Chahurskogo were so in demand that customers had to wait for their turn to 2 years. After the death of Chahurskogo some Polish artists (such as E. Nevyadomsky in 1923) have criticized the master, accusing him of cosmopolitanism, the commercialization of art and even the loss of talent. Nevertheless, the papers of Chahorskogo to this day are very much appreciated.