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Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Letter, By ~ Vladislav Chahursky ~ 1850 - 1911.

Vladislav Chahursky (Polish Władysław Czachórski; race. September 25, 1850 (18,500,925) Lublin - the mind. January 13, 1911 Munich) - Polish painter of the academic direction.
B. Chahursky studied painting in Warsaw at classroom risunkovom Rafał Hadzevicha later - in Dresden (1868) and Munich (1869-1873). In 1874-1877 years he makes a trip to France and Italy. Since 1879 he has been living in Munich, where he works as a professor of painting in the local Academy of Arts.
The theme for his paintings of the artist chose the genre scenes, wrote as portraits and still lifes, paintings on the works of William Shakespeare. Was under the creative influence of Dutch painters, especially G. Terborch. Special well-known artist brought his female portraits made with the utmost attention to detail. The works of Chahurskogo were so in demand that customers had to wait for their turn to 2 years. After the death of Chahurskogo some Polish artists (such as E. Nevyadomsky in 1923) have criticized the master, accusing him of cosmopolitanism, the commercialization of art and even the loss of talent. Nevertheless, the papers of Chahorskogo to this day are very much appreciated.

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